The UK has taken back control. Business is booming. Brits are thriving. So why aren't you happy?

This short game is the sequel to Crumbs: A Brexit Adventure. Can you find a crumb of hope in the empty cupboards of a capitalist utopia?

Created for Ectocomp 2019 in Le Grand Guignol category.


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Scariest thing in the comp, I'm sure!

I want to think about it more, but this seemed like a really, really good ratio of text-to-choice! It felt propulsive, it didn't feel too click-heavy, and I'm not sure how much is the passage length and how much is the writing, but this jammed a lot of good exploratory dialogue about work and Brexit and anti-immigrant tensions, wanting to help out while also just trying to get by, it never dragged, and it introduced a bunch of interesting characters!

I think I lean towards it looking weird not to put periods at the end of sentence-long links, and there were other dialogue links that just ended in commas which was odd.

But yes, lovely!

Ending I got:
Christine made a friend. How lovely!

There might have been even more joy in store for her, if things had worked out a little differently...

Oh hey, thank you for the really thoughtful comments! I definitely need to polish my syntax and consistency for a nicer user experience, but I'm glad you enjoyed the game and connected with it. Making something like this is also a little therapeutic for me as a Brit!